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What do students need to
become changemakers of the future?

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21st century competencies

A strong base of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that can be applied flexibly across real-life tasks, contexts, and situations.

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Personal leadership

An ability to pursue dreams by making good choices, persevering in the face of challenges
and continuously learning to improve.

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Global citizenship

A moral compass that guides decisions and actions,
as 21st century competencies and personal leadership
capabilities are applied, to achieve one’s goals.

Six Essential Supports:

creating high-performing schools that shape changemakers.

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Creating changemakers

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Powerful Curriculum

Driven by decades of conclusive scientific research, our curriculum is designed to build foundational skills and knowledge, and then provide students the opportunity to apply their learning on authentic projects and problem-solving experiences. So they can develop deep understanding.

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Positive School Climate

Children learn best in environments where teachers and students interact with respect and genuine care. TGAA’s safe, positive, inclusive environment celebrates diversity, caters to individual needs and supports all students.

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Engaged Parents

TGAA believes strong parent-school partnerships are required to support their child’s learning. As key stakeholders, parents’ feedback to the school leadership is vital to the ongoing process of school improvement.

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Empowered Teachers

The field of education is dynamic and constantly expanding. Our Teachers University and regular in-service professional development training programs ensure that our teachers have the latest scientific knowledge and the best teaching skills.

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Data-Driven Improvement

We constantly reflect on our performance by looking at feedback and data from our students, parents, and team members; and use our learning to continuously improve our processes and systems.

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Visionary Leadership

21st century education needs 21st century leaders who empower team members, enable constant innovation, embody our core values, and are passionate about our vision to create changemakers of the future.

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