10 Best Morning Activities for Kids & their amazing benefits.

Jul 26, 2023 | Active learning

Discover the top 10 morning activities for kids and their incredible benefits.

Snooze…… snooze…… snooze……rush to the honking school bus without even a breakfast!

Does this sound eerily similar to your mornings as the parent of a school-aged child? Then maybe it’s time to change it for good! The struggle of getting your sleepy children up and ready in the morning is real. But a chaotic morning can ruin the entire day, affecting energy, mood, and productivity.

But what if there was a solution to this? Imagine your little one getting out of bed with excitement and joy, setting the stage for a vibrant and fulfilling day ahead. Incorporating a few fun and engaging activities for kids into your family’s morning routine can transform your child’s days from groggy to gorgeous.

Say goodbye to sleepy mornings and hello to a refreshing start to your child’s day!

Healthy Mornings for School Children

Refreshing mornings are essential for school children as they are the start of a productive and successful day ahead. No one wants to wake up to a school bus honking outside with just enough time to put on a uniform and grab a bag, but this is the usual morning routine in most homes. This only leads to a child remaining groggy, irritable, and unable to focus the entire day.

And of course, the lack of a nutritious breakfast. It disrupts the daily meal balance and can cause many health concerns in the long run. Now, we get it. Maybe your child is not a morning person. But as a parent, there are some things you can do to make even the sleepiest sleepy head get excited for a healthy morning!

Top 10 Morning Activities for Kids

Start your child’s day on a positive and productive note with these fun and healthy morning activities. These activities will not only awaken their senses but also foster connection and growth within the family. Establishing a morning routine they can look forward to will excite your child for the morning and the day ahead. Use the following list of activities as inspiration to create a rewarding morning routine to share with your child.

  • Surprise Flavoured Water

    It might not sound like much, but drinking a glass of lukewarm water right after waking up can do wonders for your body. Keep your kids healthy and guessing with healthy flavored water every day, like cucumber, lemon, or mint!

  • Morning Breakfast Buffet

    Encourage your child to choose their own breakfast. You can choose an assortment of fruit, cereal, or drinks with their usual dish. This can help teach them food positivity while encouraging them to be more independent about their nutrition.

  • Creative Morning Drawing

    Engage their imagination and fine motor skills through morning drawing. Let them sit at the table and draw or write something while you prepare breakfast. Encourage them to pack their bags the previous day so that they have time to do this.

  • Morning Sing-Along Routine

    Singing together cultivates language development, memory skills, and a positive mindset. It also brings joy, promotes bonding, and sets an upbeat atmosphere for the day. Singing is a great way to enjoy mundane tasks like brushing their teeth.

  • Family Yoga Sessions

    Practice gentle yoga poses and breathing exercises as a family. This rejuvenates the child, leaving them fresh to face a new school day. Practicing even gentle exercises can help your child develop healthy routines that they follow forever.

  • Fun Lunchbox Prep

    Does your child complain about the dishes or the amount of food in their lunchbox? Involving them in its preparation is a fun solution for this. This can also reduce food wastage as they understand the effort behind even a simple lunchbox.

  • Dressing Up Together

    Make getting ready a fun affair by dressing up together or having themed dress-up days. It promotes creativity and self-expression and strengthens the parent-child bond. You can also choose the outfit on the night before so you have more time.

  • Plan the Day Ahead

    Sit down with your child to discuss the day’s schedule and goals. Get their input on appointments and visits that involve them. This teaches organization, independence, and time management, setting a clear direction for their activities.

  • Family Chat Time

    Dedicate moments for meaningful conversations, actively listening and connecting with your child. It fosters communication skills, and emotional support, and strengthens the family unit. Eating breakfast together is the perfect stage for this.

  • 15 Min for a Favourite Activity

    Allow your child to engage in their favorite activity for a short period. Let them play outside, watch TV, or paint depending on their mood. This gives them something to look forward to every day. Remind them to stick to the time limit though!

TGAA Pre-Primary School: Learning Made Fun

Embrace the power of these engaging activities for kids to transform your hectic mornings. By allowing your child to participate in their morning routine actively, you nurture their long-term physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being along with making their days more energetic. So, let your child look forward to waking up, knowing that each morning brings an opportunity for some family fun before school!

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