Benefits of ICSE curriculum in times of hybrid learning

Jul 12, 2022 | Continuous learning

Although the wheels of education have been turning at the same pace and in a similar pattern, the pandemic caused a disruption that forced the education system to relook at the way learning happens. After two good years of transformation, the world has returned to normal with the start of a new admission season, albeit with hybrid learning being the new normal.

While hybrid learning has been around for some time, it has gained more prominence after the pandemic upended the education system. Hybrid education is a learning approach that combines face-to-face classes with online learning. In this form of learning, while some students attend classes in person, others attend virtual lessons, wherein educators utilize technology such as video conferencing to teach both groups. Hybrid education involves pre-recorded videos, online classes, and other materials, which denotes that this form of learning uses asynchronous learning elements.

Under such circumstances, the admissions dilemma related to the choice of the right school, has just become more difficult for parents as now they need to also look at how the curriculum / education board and the school that they select for their child, would benefit their child under a hybrid learning ecosystem! Hence, choosing a well-researched curriculum is important.

While the hybrid education approach focuses on holistic learning wherein students are kept active and learning is personalised, the ICSE curriculum is designed such that it balances academics and extra-curricular activities to encourage students to pursue their passion.

ICSE also offers art education, which improves visual-spatial skills, and theme-based learning that identifies the abilities of a child and motivates them to hone their skills. Instead of being monotonous, the teaching process is interactive, informational, and inspirational. Since the student-teacher ratio is relatively less, this curriculum goes well with the requirements of a hybrid learning model.

Benefits of ICSE curriculum in today’s world

1. Getting a balance of wholesome content: The ICSE curriculum urges students to look beyond textbooks and get a hands-on learning experience to get practical insights. The focus is to not only do well in examinations but also gain enriching experiences

2. Laying a strong foundation: Focusing on quality over quantity, this curriculum motivates students to identify diverse interests and take on an analytical approach towards learning

3. Immense future potential: ICSE curriculum offers new teaching methodologies, encourages an analytical mind, and provides global content. This has helped students pursue higher studies abroad. Since students in ICSE board have a strong base in English, it gives them an edge when it comes to IELTS and TOEFL examinations

 4. Nationally and globally recognised: ICSE certificate of 10th standard is equivalent to other nationally-recognised boards. Moreover, it is at par with high school examinations that are given in foreign institutions

STEM and ICSE curriculum: The interconnected face of learning

 Over a course of time, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education has gained momentum. Several educational institutions have been adopting STEM curriculum that brings together skill development and academic knowledge. Since the ICSE curriculum and STEM education have so many commonalities, they can be combined, adopted, and easily learned.

Common ground between STEM and ICSE curriculum

  •  Both curriculums look beyond classroom learning and give more importance to smart class platforms and technology
  • These curriculums are known to give rise to creative thinkers, innovators, and problem-solvers
  • ICSE and STEM enhance their core curriculums in a way that trains and prepares students for the future

Your child deserves the world. When it comes to their education, there shouldn’t be any room for compromises. Giving your kids the best education is just a starter. However, a lot depends on choosing the right curriculum that can set the tone for their future growth. Explore a curriculum in-depth and give your child the flexibility to maximise their talents and strength.

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