The Green Acres Academy Chembur School Fee Structure.

Jul 22, 2023 | Blog

Planning to send your child to TGAA? Here are all the fee details you need to know!

Whether it is their first time going or they are just planning to shift, choosing the right school for your children is a daunting task. There is no room for error as this place will be where your child spends most of their time away from home. As a parent, you have to consider everything– the facilities, teachers, syllabi, curriculum, security, location, and more– before settling on the right school. But once you make your choice, the next looming question arises. What about the fees? Can you afford it? Is it worth it?

If you have chosen the prestigious TGAA as your child’s second home, then we are here to help you tackle this final question of school fees. You can find a detailed breakdown of the Green Acres School Chembur fees structure below. Read on to find out if you can comfortably send your child to this institution and if it is truly worth it.

The Green Acres Academy Chembur School Fee Structure

The Green Acres Chembur fees structure for the academic year 2023-24 can be seen below. To secure admission here, parents are first expected to fill and submit an online admission form along with ₹1500/- registration fee.

 After this, you receive an offer letter by the next week. However, your child’s admission will only be secure once you have gone through the Green Acres School Chembur fees structure and made the first payment.

Green Acres Academy Chembur Fee Structure

Grade One-time fees (Part A) Tuition & Term Fees (Part B)
Admission Fee Activity Fee Total One-Time Fees Total One-Time Fees Total One-Time Fees Total One-Time Fees
Nursery to Sr. KG ₹ 125,000 - ₹ 125,000 ₹ 65,824 ₹ 65,823 ₹ 131,647
Grades 1 to 5 ₹ 8,900 ₹ 116,100 ₹ 125,000 ₹ 67,331 ₹ 67,331 ₹ 134,662
Grades 6 to 10 ₹ 8,900 ₹ 116,100 ₹ 125,000 ₹ 67,331 ₹ 67,331 ₹ 134,662

Note that this chart shows the Green Acres School Chembur fees structure for the academic year 2023-24. This is just the tuition fee and does not include the additional costs like those of uniforms, shoes, supplies, bus, canteen, etc.

About The Green Acres Academy

Now that you have gone through the Green Acres Chembur fee’s structure, you might be wondering– is this school the right fit for your child? Once you get to know more about this prestigious institution and the international recognition it has, there will be no more reason left to wonder.

TGAA believes that all children are equal and does not discriminate based on family background, caste, race, religion, gender, or any other criteria. Unlike many other schools, there is no interview process for your little one since the school believes that a 30-minute interaction will not provide any insight into a child’s mind before admission. All students are welcome to apply, and TGAA considers every single application that can be accommodated in the classrooms.

As Maharashtra’s first Google Reference School, The Green Acres Academy also has the technological resources to help each student grow further, even if physical classes are not available in certain circumstances. Moreover, their internationally trained faculty are also Google-certified educators, equipped to handle anything that comes their way. By sending your child to The Green Acres Academy, you can ensure that they will have access to top-of-the-line facilities, from ultra-modern laboratories to luxurious sports amenities. This ICSE school in Chembur has developed a curriculum that challenges students academically while fostering their creative sides and giving them international platforms to showcase their talents.

Established by The Acres Foundation, the school has shown tremendous growth and potential, winning multiple awards over the past decade. If you are still unsure, head over to the TGAA website for more details– they even offer parents a campus tour and interactive session where you can raise your queries. 


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