Healthy Eating Habits for Your Child

Dec 20, 2022 | Physical education

How to Improve Kids Eating Habits in this Fast-Food World

We all know how most children are fond of fast food items and packaged snacks. They contain a lot of oil and are cooked with ingredients that can be simultaneously addictive and delicious. However, with rising cases of lifestyle diseases that can follow us for a lifetime, you should impart valuable lessons about healthy habits to your child. This article will explore different methods for you to build kids’ eating habits and answer some commonly asked questions about eating habits.

You will be able to learn how to gradually build healthy habits in your child from an early age. Having learned healthy habits, they will follow them for a lifetime and will stay aware of the adverse effects of fast food.

5 Healthy Eating Habits for Your Child

If you find have been struggling with your child’s obsession with fast food and trying to find methods to develop healthy habits in your child, follow these 5 healthy kids’ eating habits:

  • Set meal times for your child
    Both overeating and undereating can have adverse effects on your child’s health. Hence, you should set meal times for your child and maintain a balanced diet including fresh leafy vegetables and protein-rich items instead of fast food items. That way, you can steadily build healthy habits in your child without having to advise them repeatedly about the importance of healthy eating habits.
  • Give importance to breakfast
    Skipping breakfast is one of the most commonly found reasons for lifestyle issues in us such as acidity, lethargy, and low blood pressure. After all, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. A proper breakfast is required for your child to focus on his or her learning and co-curricular activities.
  • Start healthy habits early
    If you begin with healthy habits from an early stage, your child will not feel tempted to eat fast food items frequently. In addition, you can help them explore newer food items by cooking them. An effective method for you to build kids’ eating habits is by sticking to the menu decided for a meal. Gradually, your kid will grow an affinity towards practising healthy habits.
  • Do not forget about drinking water
    We know how important frequent hydration is for our bodies. But our kids may tend to forget about drinking water during their time at school or outdoors. Hence, you should make it a point for your kid to regularly consume water at home. If your child develops healthy habits such as drinking an ample amount of water every day, their physical and mental health will both be fit and sound.
  • Encourage your child to eat mindfully
    Developing healthy habits such as eating mindfully is crucial for the positive development of your kids’ eating habits. You can start this by explaining the ingredients of the dish they are eating. Also, if you explain the benefits and negative effects of consuming the components, they will slowly begin to eat mindfully. Knowing the value of food and when to eat is also an important lesson to develop healthy habits in your kid.


How important is it to develop healthy habits in your kids and reduce fast food consumption?

Your kids’ eating habits and appetite can change every day according to their mood or fondness. Hence, as parents, you need to keep a track of your kids’ eating habits and build healthy practices in them.

Our children are living in a world that tempts them to eat fast food and packaged snacks. If consumed too much, they can result in severe health issues and lifestyle diseases. This too is a major reason why you should focus on developing healthy habits in your child’s diet.

Instead, you can introduce new eating habits at home for children and avoid consuming too much fast food. Because your child requires a complete and balanced diet for improved physical and mental development.

How do you talk to kids about eating habits?

It may be difficult to explain the importance of maintaining healthy habits and lifestyles to your child. But you can explain it to them in simpler terms by telling them the direct influence of each food item in our body. Also, you can try explaining the adversities of having a lack of certain nutrients in our bodies.

Nevertheless, the best way to demonstrate the importance of having good and wholesome eating habits is by being a model. 

You could begin by cooking nutritious dishes at home and practising healthy habits. That way, your child will watch and learn how good eating habits positively influence your life and how fast food affects the body in the long run.

In addition, you can introduce a few of the effective kids’ eating habits given above to find significant improvement in your child’s diet.

What are 3 common influences on kids’ eating habits?

The three common influences on your kids’ eating habits are:

  • Accessibility
  • Familiarity
  • Availability

That means, if your child needs to learn to prefer and choose healthy habits in their diet, they require positive, early, repeated experiences in their eating habits.


Your kids’ eating habits cannot be altered within a day, week, or month. Instead, it may take several years for them to start practising healthy habits by themselves.

Hence, for an effective result, you should not only talk to your child about the benefits of maintaining healthy habits but also be a model to your children by eating nutritious meals on time, giving importance to breakfast, and drinking an adequate amount of water.

With time, your kid will not feel the same temptation towards fast food items. They will watch you and learn how maintaining healthy eating habits result in future mental and physical wellbeing.

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