TGAA Campus and Facilities Designed for Excellence – A Glimpse Inside !

Dec 6, 2023 | New Age Education

A campus designed to facilitate learning – all about the award-winning TGAA campus in Mumbai.

In a world where quantity comes before quality, finding the right educational pathway for your child becomes just as confusing as it is crucial. More so in a bustling city like Mumbai with hundreds of different school options, each offering their own approach as the best. It is not easy to identify schools that not only impart knowledge but also nurture the holistic development of students.

This pursuit is marked by numerous considerations, from academic excellence to a nurturing environment, all wrapped within the cocoon of safety and modernity. You might feel like you are asking for too much– but nothing is too much when it comes to the education of your little one!

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Amidst this seemingly endless search for the perfect educational haven, we are here to offer you the best solution. The Green Acres Academy in Mumbai, where learning transcends textbooks and young minds are not just educated but sculpted for life. Standing as an embodiment of transformative education, TGAA offers a unique environment designed not just to facilitate learning but to inspire a love for it.

Join us on a virtual tour of TGAA, where academic brilliance harmoniously mingles with extracurricular zest, and the campus whispers tales of excellence in every corner. 


TGAA: The First Google Reference School in Mumbai

The Green Acres Academy has been honoured with multiple accolades since its inception in 2012. TGAA’s prestigious title as the first Google Reference School in Maharashtra is the best testament to its innovative teaching philosophies. By incorporating cutting-edge technology seamlessly into the curriculum, TGAA produces more technologically adept and educated individuals every year. 

But these accolades are not the sole narrative of TGAA’s success. Rooted in a philosophy that places equal emphasis on academics and character development, TGAA stands as a testament to holistic education. The school’s commitment to fostering leadership, socio-emotional intelligence, and a love for learning. With a remarkable curriculum that balances scholastic achievement with a rich tapestry of extracurricular activities, TGAA ensures that every child can nurture their non-academic talents as well.

The internationally acclaimed faculty are also consistently trained to stay updated on new educational technology and teaching methods. With teaching that transcends classrooms, TGAA ensures that each young learner grows into a confident, compassionate, and competent individual ready to embrace the future with open arms.

A Unique Campus Designed for Excellence

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At The Green Acres Academy, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s deeply woven into the fabric of the campus. The innovative campus design in Mumbai not only overcame spatial constraints but also championed environmental responsibility and educational brilliance, garnering even more awards. Here are some design aspects of the TGAA campus that make it different from any other schools in Mumbai

Green Spaces:

The campus incorporates ample green areas, providing not only aesthetic beauty but also serving as outdoor classrooms. Students engage with nature, learning about ecology and environmental stewardship firsthand.

Energy Efficiency:

Energy-efficient lighting systems and smart ventilation designs minimise energy consumption. These sustainable practices serve as tangible examples for students, fostering an eco-conscious mindset.

Water Conservation:

Rainwater harvesting systems and water-efficient fixtures teach students about the importance of water conservation. Learning to value this precious resource becomes a part of their everyday education.

Waste Management:

The campus implements effective waste segregation and recycling programs. Students actively participate, understanding the significance of reducing waste and promoting a cleaner environment.

Sensory Learning:

The incorporation of natural light and ventilation not only reduces the carbon footprint but also enhances the learning experience. Students benefit from well-lit spaces and fresh air that optimise their cognitive abilities.

Hands-On Education:

TGAA’s sustainable features are not just elements of the design but also practical teaching tools. Students learn about solar panels, rainwater harvesting, and eco-friendly architecture, inspiring the next generation of environmental custodians.

Conclusion: Education is More Than Books!

The Green Acres Academy’s transformative approach to education led to its great success in just over a decade of establishment. Beyond its architectural marvels and innovative design, TGAA embodies a profound truth– education is more than books, it is an immersive journey that encompasses the mind, the heart, and the environment.

Within these walls, students embrace sustainable practices, cultivate leadership skills, and explore the boundless wonders of the world. The school’s commitment to holistic learning transcends the curriculum and becomes a natural way of living for the students. Every beam, every classroom, and every green space is a testament to the belief that education should be an immersive experience, nurturing curious minds and compassionate hearts. 


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