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Pre-Primary Kids: How to Get Them Ready for School?
8 Tips from TGAA to get your preschool-age kids ready for kindergarten!


You might have already chosen the best preschool or kindergarten. But have you figured out how to enable school readiness in them to prepare for preschool? Getting your kids to prepare for preschool or nursery can be both exciting and intimidating. The Green Acres Academy has some great tips to help parents get their preschool-aged kids ready for kindergarten. These tips focus on improving their school readiness by developing social skills, promoting a love of learning, and encouraging independence and creativity. Your kids need to prepare for preschool to achieve a seamless transition from home to nursery.    

By providing a supportive and nurturing environment, parents can help their kids feel confident and ready to tackle the challenges of preschool, away from home for the first time. Helping children build a strong foundation for academic success is important, and these tips can provide the support that you need to prepare your child for the best preschool experience.

8 Tips to Facilitate School Readiness in Kids

It is not easy to prepare your child for preschool or nursery. From spending all day at home with you, they are suddenly being asked to go to a place full of strangers and spend their entire day there. It is not surprising that kids find it hard to transition into school readiness and prepare for preschool instantly. Even if you have already chosen the best preschool, kindergarten, or nursery for your child, there is more to do to help them adjust to their new routines.

To help children feel confident when they prepare for preschool or nursery, parents need to support their development in various areas. Here are some tips to help you prepare your child for a successful transition into this new chapter.

  • Encourage Independent Skills for School Readiness
    Children need to feel confident in taking care of themselves, especially when they are away from their parents for an extended period. Prepare your child to dress, use the bathroom, and wash their hands by themselves to help increase their independence. This will also allow them to be more self-assured and responsible in their new preschool environment. Encouraging your child to help with simple household chores such as setting the table or making their bed can also help foster their independence and thus improve school readiness.
  • Promote Social Skills for School Readiness
    Playtime is crucial for children to develop social skills, such as sharing and communication. Prepare your child to meet new people in their nursery or kindergarten by setting up playdates, games, and interactive activities that simulate similar social situations. It’s important to encourage your child to engage in conversation, listen to others, and share their thoughts and feelings. Your child will also benefit from these opportunities by making new friends and learning how to interact with peers.
  • Foster a Love of Learning for School Readiness
    Children are naturally curious, so this is one of the easiest measures you can take to help them prepare for preschool. Reading with your child and engaging in educational activities such as puzzles or games can increase their curiosity and promote a love of learning. This foundation will prepare your child for a successful academic journey. Exposing your child to various educational experiences such as field trips, museums, and libraries can also help broaden their knowledge and develop a love for learning.
  • Practice Routine for School Readiness:
    Establishing a consistent schedule for sleep, meal times, and play will help your child feel secure. Moreover, a set routine at home can also prepare your child for the daily structure and schedule of preschool or nursery. Consistency and predictability in their daily schedule will help your child feel safe and in control, making their transition to preschool smoother.
  • Provide Positive Reinforcement for School Readiness
    Encouragement and praise for your child’s efforts, no matter how small, will boost their self-esteem and confidence. This is crucial when they are trying to prepare for preschool or nursery. Positive reinforcement will help your child feel valued and appreciated, improving their overall well-being. It is important to celebrate your child’s accomplishments, no matter how big or small, and to provide a supportive and nurturing environment to prepare your child for life away from home.
  • Encourage Imaginative Play for School Readiness
    Allowing your child to use their imagination through creative play, such as building with blocks or playing with dolls, will foster their creativity and problem-solving skills. Imaginative play can also improve your child’s language and communication skills, while also helping them understand and express their own emotions. Imaginative play is key in helping kids prepare for preschool as it enables them to learn and explore interactively.
  • Separation Practice for School Readiness
    You have to gradually prepare your child for being away from you for extended periods. You can visit the preschool, let them play with friends alone, or drop them off for a playdate to help ease any separation anxiety they may feel. Spending time away from their parents is a natural and important part of any child’s growth and development. By gradually exposing your child to new experiences and separating from them, you can ensure their comfort even on the first day of preschool.
  • Spend Meaningful Time With Them for School Readiness
    You must spend meaningful time with your child when helping them prepare for preschool or nursery. Meaningful time includes, but is not limited to, just being with them and sharing your own preschool experiences, playing educational games with them, or simply taking them on short visits to the preschool they would be attending soon. By making sure that they understand this is just a part of growing up and they will soon love their school life, you can make this transition easy– both for yourself and your child.

By implementing these tips and being there for them based on their own personalities, you can prepare your child for preschool. Of course, watching your little ones bounce off to their preschools can be a bittersweet feeling– but with these school readiness tips you can handle it like a champ! Parents can help their children build a strong foundation for future academic success by providing a supportive and nurturing environment.

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