Developing New Learning Skills in Students.

Dec 15, 2022 | Preparing students

How Our Programs Help Children Learn New Skills.

Primary Students are presented with numerous distractions such as video games, smartphones, and social media in the modern world. They keep our children away from reality and do not allow them time for learning new skills. That is why we recommend some necessary practices that enhance child development skills in Primary Students.

In this article, we shall discuss a few child development skills for primary students to practice at home.

In addition to this, we also answer some of the most frequently asked questions on topics related to new skills development in primary students. 

Skills Development Programs for Primary Students to Learn New Skills

Contrary to the common notion, skills development does not solely pertain to your child’s academic education. It encompasses the comprehensive enhancement of their ability to learn new skills while addressing their disabilities or other difficulties. Most importantly, child development focuses on providing our kids with valuable new skills that help them explore their natural abilities, interests, and the world around them.

The primary objective of skills development programs is to integrate academic education with learning alternatives and new skills. In effect, they can help address your kid’s difficulties and enhance their abilities.

Piaget’s stages of cognitive development for 0-2 years old, 2-7 years old, 7-11 years old, and 12 years plus, in a text format.

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Therefore, you can utilize these skills development practices that focus on child development to find significant results in your child’s ability to learn new skills. These practices are designed to build valuable new skills in primary students and hence will be useful for your kids.

Important New Skills for Your Kids to Learn:

  1.   Change Your Kids’ Learning Style:
    Changing your kids’ learning styles is crucial in skills development as each of us has different ways of learning. For instance, some of us are visual learners whereas some of us are more inclined towards auditory or kinesthetic learning.To find the ideal combination of methods for your child to learn new skills, you need to change their learning methods.Extensive studies conducted by Dr. Tesia Marshik show us that a combination of different learning styles delivers the best result when it comes to child development in primary students. You should try out different learning styles for new skill development in your kids and find a combination that suits them well.
  1.   Identifying the meaning is the key:
    A major reason why following a single learning style does not work for our primary students is that they have to focus on making meaning out of what they learn. You must make it a practice for your child to focus on meaning than the process of learning itself.
    This will significantly help in skill development for primary students. Therefore, your kids should not be made to memorize random facts. Instead, they should understand the meaning, relevance, and purpose of learning this particular fact. This important skill will help abundantly in your child’s development.
  1.   Learning through application:
    Learning through practical application is the most natural medium for us humans to grasp new skills.
    Therefore, you should not only focus on how your kids’ grades are at school but also try to know if they are developing more practical skills. Practical learning is an unavoidable factor in skills development.
    Create practical learning experiences for your kids– whether it be in farming, cooking, or any other area to help them learn further through trial and error.
  1.   Teach Your Kids the Importance of Not Giving Up:
    Persistence is an important attribute we often forget to foster among primary students. If we do not practice despite failures or letdowns, the chances of us learning new skills are slim.
    Hence, you should teach the value of perseverance by setting yourself as an example. It can help immensely in your child’s development.
    Moreover, our kids need to learn to be hardworking and determined when they are primary students. This will build more confidence in them to work positively toward new skills development.
  1.   Foster Curiosity in them
    As human beings, we are naturally curious. And we know that curiosity is what helped us advance as individuals and as a society. Hence, we should make it a priority to inculcate curiosity in primary students to facilitate child development.
    This can be developed by encouraging your child to ask questions about things and find the answers independently.
    Another method is by carrying a general enthusiasm within the family about learning new things. This fosters creativity, inquisitiveness, and reasoning in your child which are valuable factors in child development and skill development in general.


Most of our Generation Z kids lack interaction with the outside and struggle with skill development from an early stage. Hence, we have compiled a few questions that are commonly asked by parents of primary students regarding the topic of child development.

These questions and answers will help you get a better idea about new skill development for primary students.

What is skill development and how can your child benefit from it?

Practices that focus on skills development for primary students can build a strong foundation for your child. They can help your kids gain leadership skills, confidence, and self-esteem from an early stage.

In addition, they can help you develop valuable new skills such as collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Most importantly, child development programs encourage our primary students to look positively toward their future and think independently.

How do primary students learn new skills?

  1. Various factors influence your child’s skills development at the primary level such as:Ø Access to different options for learning new skills
    Ø Open communication of interests, difficulties, or requirements
    Ø Opportunities to explore their interests
    Ø Suitable environment
    Ø Freedom of choice
    Ø Usage of different learning styles
    Ø Enthusiasm and curiosity to learn new skills

Imparting your enthusiasm towards learning is important in child development. It allows your child to engage in their skill development process independently and discover their interests themselves.

How do parents influence skill development in primary students?

As parents, you can positively influence your child’s new skill development process by allocating time and space for their interests and providing support.

To ensure positive child development, your child should learn to balance academic and co-curricular activities.

Who are of primary importance in child development?

All the individuals your child closely interacts with are of primary importance in child development. Of them, your kids spent most of their time with their parents, teachers, and friends. 

Therefore, it is important to ensure that your child is surrounded by proper guidance, love, enthusiasm, and no bad habits or distractions. Ensuring a healthy environment for your kids is paramount for the development of their new skills.

Skill development is an often-ignored topic by many of us despite it being extremely relevant in the contemporary world. Most of our children struggle to find their interests or learn valuable new skills. Therefore, we should include skill development practices in our schools and households to address the issues related to child development.

Child development practices involve facilitating skills development for your child and helping them explore their interests. Moreover, it is a holistic approach to education; carrying the philosophy that education goes beyond classrooms and academic works.

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